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Jericho Rose

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This plant is known as the “resurrection plant” for its quality of coming back to life this plant draws up into a ball when not around water. Once applied again with water the plant magically opens up with a beautiful fern like leaves. They often turn a bright vibrant green. When water is removed it goes back into the state of hibernation until water is introduced again. In spiritual practices is believed to have the following properties of spiritual energy

Brings peace prosperity and abundance to the home and business, protects against illness and all types of negative energies and vibrations, used as a type of holy water to bless people and objects,

There are many ways to work with Jericho roses the first step after buying your plan is to find a large enough bowl for the plant to fit in Jericho Rose is open up quite white sometimes. All the plant in your hands for a few minutes before you place it into the chosen vessel take a moment to feel the energy of the plant sit and pray meditate and give affirmations to the spirit of the plan after you charge/pray with your Jericho Rose place it into the chosen vessel. The next step is to add water to your plant you can use holy water, river water, late water or even just playing tapwater. Freshwater is best and salty waters may have an adverse effect on the plant, at the Jericho roses and his vessel light a candle of your size in choosing new to plant. Every week or so change the water so it’s fresh and clear keep the water for use later on. Place coins in the water of your Jericho Rose also to keep abundance and prosperity growing in coming into your home or business some people also leave crystals charging on top of the Jericho rose from time to time